This watch of Rolex is one of the most classic watches in existence. As a Watch of Rolex, this Datejust includes Rolex’s original cyclops lens that magnifies the date window at 3 o’clock by 2.5x. This might not seem that innovative nowadays, but back in the days, when all of the watch companies were working to enhance the movements to make the date window more accessible, Rolex’s simple yet pragmatic approach of cyclops lens was praised upon. Also, another symbolic design of Rolex, fluted bezel adds subtle elegance to the watch by machine cutting vertical ridges along the entire everose gold bezel. Its machining of Rolex is notorious to be sharp and to wear out sleeves. Moreover, the jubilee bracelet on this watch is so symbolic that people often distinguish Rolex watches with its unique five-piece links from distance. Also, this bracelet is known to be comfortable on people’s wrists. On this everose gold rolesor model, rose golds used are special patented Rolex everose golds that supposedly contains platinum to withstand corrosion against salt water. With its thin body and classic looks, this watch suits any kind of occasions. Compare to yellow gold rolesor model of datejust, this everose gold adds more of a modern feel to the watch. Overall, datejust 36 everose gold rolesor model is a classic watch of Rolex that contains most of brand’s achievements and elegance in a relatively cheaper price point in this brand line up.


  • Brand
    • Rolex
  • Model Number
    • 126231
  • Name
    • Rolex DATEJUST 36
  • Size
    • 36 mm
  • Price (suggested retail price)
    • 11,600 USD
  • Material
    • Case
      • Oystersteel
      • 18k Everose Gold Fluted Bezel
    • Solid Back
    • Bracelet
      • Rolesor 18k Everose Gold and Oystersteel
      • Jubilee, Five-Piece Links
  • Features
    • Hour, Minute, Second Hands
    • Date Window at 3 o’clock
    • Screw-down Crown
      • Twinlock Double Waterproofness System
    • Water Resistance up to 100 Meters
    • Cyclops Lens
    • Rolex Perpetual Calibre 3235
      • Automatic
      • Superlative Chronometer (COSC + Rolex certification after casing)
        • +-2 Sec/Day
      • Power Reserve: 70 Hours
      • Bidirectional self-winding via Perpetual rotor

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