I. Case

As Rolex’s flagship model, Rolex Day-Date 40 features a full 18k gold casing with 40mm case size. The fact that the entire case is 18k gold is pretty impressive on its own; However, what sets this gold watch apart is the fact that Rolex made their own combination of rose gold called “Everose Gold” that is more corrosion resistant. It is said by the public that Rolex’s everose gold contains about 2% of platinum to achieve this impressive corrosion resistance. Also, the addition of platinum not only helps with the corrosion, but it also adds to this unique color tone. Compare to ordinary rose gold, everose gold of Rolex is discussed to have more pleasing and elegant look to it.

II. Back

Compare to lot of other brands that include engravings of their branding and specs or clear back to show off their engineering inside, Rolex, as a company, focuses on practicality, durability, and accuracy. As a result, on the back side of all Rolex watches, Rolex does brushed solid back that is clean and functional, and this watch is no exception. This helps Rolex to build more robust and durable watches that can function for generation after generation.

III. Dial, Bezel, and Crown

One of the main features that sets this watch apart is its unique “Olive Green” colored dial. Often, when watch brands misuse green color, it is easy to throw off the entire watch just because of the odd green color. However, as Rolex’s flagship color is green, this Olive Green dial of Rolex is beloved upon lot of Rolex fans. Like its everose gold color that has this subtle difference from the conventional rose gold, this Olive Green dial has its unique color and tone, that it almost became symbolic dial color of Rolex. However, unfortunately, this unique and symbolic color is only available on Day-Date 40 not 36. Adding on, out of Day-Date 40 line, Olive Green Dial is not available on yellow gold model. Decorating the dial are a combination of Rolex’s bar and roman numeral indexes. Taking a closer look into the index, Day-Date 40 has its 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock indexes taken up by the day and date window that displays Rolex’s signature full day and date, perhaps where the name of this watch came from. Also, odd-numbered indexes use bar indexes and even-number indexes use roman numeral indexes. Compare to conventional roman numeral number 4, IV, Rolex uses, IIII. Moving on, this watch features conventional hour, minute, and second hands in same everose gold color. Near top is the Rolex crown logo, oyster perpetual marking that symbolizes Rolex’s achievement of engineering first-ever water-proof wrist watch and perpetual rotor that Rolex uses, Day-Date branding, and superlative chronometer certification all in everose gold surrounded by the beautiful fluted bezel. Fluted bezel is other symbolic part of this watch and Rolex. Fluted bezel of this watch is also made out of 18k everose gold that has been machine cut with vertical ridges that adds bit more flair and elegance to it. It makes the bezel to reflect the lights in certain way that makes the bezel more shiny. Inside of the fluted bezel are engravings of Rolex and its crown logo all covered up by sapphire crystal glass with Cyclops lens over the date window. Cyclops lens is also another symbolic feature of Rolex’s engineering that allowed the company to magnify its date window by 2.5X magnification. Next is the Crown of this watch. Like the rest of the watch, crown is 18k everose gold with Rolex crown and two dots that features manual winding functionality allowing the owner to wind up their Day-Date 40 when needed. Two dots on the crown indicates screw-down crown feature that allows for its twinlock double waterproofness system, up to 100m of water-resistance. Lastly, to set its day and date window, double quick change function is added to allow owner to change its day when turned one way and date the other way.


IV. Bracelet

One of the most distinguishing and unique feature of Day-Date 40 is its presidential bracelet with semi-circular three-piece links and concealed folding crownclasp that is sometimes called “Rolex bracelet” along with Jubilee bracelet of Rolex. Compare to Jubilee bracelet that is often featured in Datejust models, president bracelet feels more durable as it is made fully out of 18k everose gold. Also, compare to Jubilee’s five-piece links, three-piece links of president bracelet adds to its robust feelings and looks along with the weight. In spite of all of this, presidential bracelet is notorious for its comfort. This bracelet really gets all of functionality, comfort, and appearance.


V. Movement

Rolex Day-Date 40 uses a relatively new movement, Calibre 3255, of Rolex. This in-house movement has everything expected from Rolex’s flagship model. It is an automatic movement that is powered by its bidirectional self-winding perpetual rotor that keeps the time accurate enough to get Superlative Chronometer (COSC + Rolex certification after casing). Usual chronometer is certified for -4 to +6 sec/day. However, Rolex’s engineering team accomplished staggering -2 to +2 sec/day accuracy deserving superlative name and all of this was accomplished with Rolex increasing its power reserve to 70 hours.

VI. Conclusion and Pricing

Overall, Day-Date 40 is an engineering marvel of Rolex. Rolex’s Everose gold has its own beauty to the color. Day-Date 40 features all of Rolex’s symbolic features that screams Rolex. As this watch is widely accepted as a “symbol of success,” compare to more obnoxious yellow gold Day-Date 40, Everose gold is subtle yet elegant. I am not sure if I would have called this olive-green dial with everose gold combination a beauty if it wasn’t for Rolex’s brand value, but I personally love this unique yet classic color scheme. For me, Day-Date 40 Everose Gold with Olive Green Dial is a versatile watch. Tone of the watch makes for a good fit with suits or with plain white t-shirt. Priced at 37,550 USD as of this review, it is not the watch for every one. However, if you have the money for it, I believe that this would serve your wrist well with it unique and elegant looks.


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