I. Case

As a IWC’s PPC(Portugieser Perpetual Calendar) high-complication model, entire case is fully gold. Gold used on this watch is 18k red gold that I believe has a tone more subtle and blending with people’s wrist compare to more flamboyant yellow gold. However, the subtle feeling from the red gold color fades away as the case is sized at 44.2mm to fit all of the PPC functions. In addition, case is not only wide but thick. Reason being, PPC is a high complication in a way that needs lot of physical components. Compare to tourbillon that is another high-end complication that does not take up too much physical space but just hard to build. So, unless you have a huge wrist, it is going to fit like a over-sized watch. However, that over-sized case is high polished and has a lug that is relatively short and curled in to compensate for its sheer size

II. Back

Compare to the 18k red gold casing, back of this watch is covered with clear see-through sapphire glass, revealing all its glory inside. Surrounding the glass is the same 18k red gold back rim held in by 6 screws. On the left side is embossed 3Bar sign that represents water resistances up to 30m or 3atm of pressure. In side is the also 18k red gold rotor that charges up the watch with blued screws. Rotor contains IWC logo, 7 days power reserve indicator, and Probus Scafusia, meaning ‘good things from schaffhausen.’

III. Dial, Bezel, and Crown

One of this watches biggest feature is the dial. Dial used is silver-plated dial that features all of the PPC functionalities. Indexes are marked with arabic numbers with 3, 6, and 9 o’clock missing. Also, 12 o’clock index is partial taken away by the moon phase functionality. With that said, from the top, moon phase window is present with IWC logo underneath it. Running clockwise, we are greeted with a power reserve indicator and day window. Power reserve on this watch is 168 hours or 7 days. It can be charged with the automatic rotor in the back or manually with the crown. Next up is the month window with “SWISS MADE” on the bottom. Coming around, this PPC has the year window that displays all four digits pioneered by IWC. Moving on, last window contains the day indicator and a small seconds. Lastly, hour and minute hands are 18k red gold leaf hands, named after its unique shape. Bezel is just thin and plain 18k red gold bezel with a 18k red gold crown with IWC logo embossed on it.

IV. Bracelet

Going along with the full 18k red gold case is the dark brown alligator leather strap by Santoni. Santoni is an intalian leather brand that supplies the leather straps for IWC. However, Santoni is considered as a premium strap in IWC and only comes with higher-end model in the company’s line ups. Outside is brown with inside being orange-tan color. These straps are all hand made in Italy and has very clean and complete finishing. Inside has IWC|Santoni embossed on it, and the strap is secured by a 18k red gold deployment buckle with IWC logo on it.

V. Movement

Movement used in this watch is IWC’s own Calibre 52610 with frequency of 28800 vph (4.0 hz). This movement of IWC was built with all of the perpetual calendar information built into its gears. Usually, PPC models are built to keep up its functionality until around year 2100. On the other hand, IWC’s PPC is said to be built to work and function until year 2499. Other interesting thing about IWC’s movement is that, compare to other brands’ movements that sets moon phase to 29.5 days(in reality , moon phase is 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes and 2.9 seconds) with gear train with 59 teeth, IWC unveiled, in 2015, larger moon phase wheel with higher teeth count that only deviates 1 day in 577.5 years. As a result, with everything accounted for, owners do not have to worry about adjusting moon phase, day, date, month, and year window. Also, this impressive movement houses 2 barrels that enables this watch to be running for 7 days at full charge and 54 jewels to prevent abrasion between moving parts. In fact, this movement uses IWC’s Pellaton pawl-winding. Instead of conventional ball-bearing or cog at the center of the rotor, Pellaton pawl-winding uses heart shaped bearing mounted disc to transmit the energy to winding wheel by 2 pawls. Because winding pawls and wheel are made of black ceramic and cam and rotor bearing is white ceramic, that is more durable, resilient, yet lighter than steel, watch is stated to be near wear-free. This impressive movement also features small hacking seconds functionality that stops the second-hand when the crown is pulled out to set the time more accurately. Lastly, Breguet spring ensures the quality of the movement that is consisted of 87 parts for perpetual calendar feature.

VI. Conclusion and Pricing

In the end, IWC PPC is a massive and impressive watch. It is a classic timepiece that shines in its own way. Not everyone is going to appreciate the PPC’s functionalities. For lot of people, it is confusing looking dial. However, it is truly astonishing when you know the complication and its value, to have everything set in advance until 2499. Watch like this is a timeless piece that would never get old or be out of style but make sure that you see this watch in person and try it on before spending cool 38,000 USD on it. As mentioned before, this watch is a massive watch. Case is 44.2mm wide and 14.9mm thick. Even with the special lug design to compensate for the size, it would be a best bet to really try them on and feel it on your wrist. Also, with this kind of high complication comes high overhaul cost. Personally, this is a impressive timepiece that I am in love with. Its complication and finishing on this watch is just perfect. It is crazy to know that this watch would last generations after generations and does not have to be readjusted. With that said, if the size suits your wrist and you like the PPC feature and its timeless design, this watch of IWC is a great option for you.

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