I. Case

Case of Rolex DeepSea is made out Rolex’s Oystersteel that is 904L, focused on corrosion resistance. Sized at 44mm, this watch is Rolex’s biggest watch currently, having to redesign the lugs. With the size comes the waterproofness up to staggering 3,900 meters or 12,800 feet. This Oyster case was specially developed to ensure resistance to pressure. Result being Ringlock System, a patented case architecture, allowing the Rolex Deepsea to withstand the colossal pressure underwater. This patented case features 5.5mm-thick sapphire crystal, nitrogen-alloyed stainless steel ring, and case back in Oystersteel and grade 5 titanium. On the side is the helium escape valve that is developed and patented by Rolex in 1967 allowing tiny helium gasses that enters the watch to decompress before returning to open air. This system has a spring that opens the valve when delta pressure is around 3 to 5 bars, allowing the watch to protect itself (if the helium gasses are not fully decompressed, this might result crystal being forced out of the case).

II. Back

Unlike conventional Rolex watches that have clean brushed metal backings, this is the one of few Rolex watches to have writings in the back. Around the out circle, oystersteel ring states “Rolex Oyster Deepsea” and “Sea-Dweller 12800ft = 3900m” with Rolex crown logo in between the writings. As mentioned before, case back is consisted of Oystersteel and grade 5 titanium to withstand the pressure. Entire back is first covered with the grade 5 titanium than the ring of the oystersteel adorns just the rim of the backing.

III. Dial, Bezel, and Crown

This Rolex Deepsea features the D-blue dial that gradates from deep-blue to pitch-black gradient. This special dial of the Deepsea was launched in 2014 to commemorate “Deepsea Challenge Expedition.” During this expedition, James Cameron descended 10,908m or 35,787ft to the ocean’s deepest point, Mariana Trench, which was the deepest solo dive at the time. On the dial is the chromalight indexes that has blue luminescence to it. Also is the chromalight hour, minute, and second hands with date window at 3 o’clock. Hour-hand is the famous “benz-hand” that is named after its similarity with the Mercedes-benz logo. Surrounding the dial is the nitrogen-alloyed stainless steel ring that is the part of the ring lock system with gas escape valve on the left side of the case. The unidirectional rotating bezel of this watch is finished with Cerachrom black ceramic. Cerachrom is a corrosion-resistant ceramic developed and patented by Rolex that is virtually scratchproof and unaffected by ultraviolet rays. Also the Cerachrom markings are coloured platinum using PVD process. Lastly, the triplelock winding crown features Rolex crown logo with three seals, meaning the most waterproofness from Rolex, that guarantees watertight security.

IV. Bracelet

Bracelet used on this watch is the oyster bracelet featuring three-piece links. However, to suit the watch’s size, the bracelets are broader to fit the new lug design. What is special about this bracelet is the Folding Oysterlock safety clasp with Rolex Glidelock extension system. What that means is that, the locking mechanism of the clasp has teeth that prevents accidental opening and Glidelock extension allows the owners to adjust the bracelet length in 2mm increments to suit their needs. Also, the double extension system allows the watch to be worn comfortably over a diving suit up to 7mm thick.

V. Movement

The new Rolex Deepsea that was announced in BaselWorld 2018 features the new Calibre 3235. Calibre 3235 is the Rolex’s in-house movement that improved on, according to Rolex, precision, power reserve, resistance to shocks and magnetism, convenience and reliability. This movement contains Rolex’s patented Chronergy escapement that is 15% more efficient than before. This contributed the new movement to achieve 70 hour power reserve. Also, because the movement contains nickel-phosphorus, it is able to withstand magnetic interference. The oscillator has blue Parachrom hairspring, alloy of niobium and zirconium, that is 10 times more precise than a conventional hairspring in case of shocks. Lastly, it features Breguet’s overcoil technology that bends up the end of the spring and enhances the oscillation in any position.

VI. Conclusion and Pricing

Rolex Deepsea is a truly iconic watch in Rolex. Compare to other Rolex models, this watch is just more durable and heavy-duty. Priced at 12,550 USD, Rolex Deepsea is minimal yet extreme. Personally, with such a size, thickness, and weight, I believe that Rolex Submariner is better fit for majority of the people. However, for the people who have massive wrist and want a tough Rolex, this is the option to go. I doubt that people buying this watch is really diving down to 390 Bars of pressure, but it is staggering to know how durable and rugged Deepsea is on your wrist.




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